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Why Buy a Shredder ?

If you're looking to buy a paper shredder for your home or office then you have come to the right place.

A cross cut or even some straight cut shredders will reduce your chances of being a victim of indentity theft and keeping your privacy by transforming your documents into non readable small strips of paper just like confetti.

Experts suggest that shredding your bank account statements, utility bills, old credit cards and anything with your personal details on should be a way of life to prevent thieves from stealing your details.

Standard Security Levels

Each shredder has a security level to show you how small it cuts the documents you are shredding. Check your security to ensure you get the right machine for your requirements. The current levels are as follows:

Types of Shredders

There are many paper shredders on the market today from major brands such as a Fellowes shredder or a Rexel shredder. The technology has moved on leaps and bounds these days so they are quieter and more efficient. They are also smaller and lighter so can easily be placed out of the way and under a desk. A quality shredder should last you at least 5 years and all manufacturers guarantee the cutting head element for at least this time.

Shredder Discounts

Due to the competitive nature you should search for and get some excellent discounts on your new shredder. Please browse our reviews by category on the right then get in contact with us for full information and to set up your free account to obtain your discounts for your business.

Latest Reviews Added :

Fellowes PS68CT

Heavy duty cross cut shredder from fellowes. DIN3.

Fellowes PS63T

Heavy duty strip cut shredder from fellowes. DIN2.

Fellowes P40

Entry level strip cut shredder from fellowes. DIN1.

Rexel RLX20

Heavy duty cross cut shredder from rexel. DIN 3.

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